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India’s First High-Performance Fume Hood

Well Engineered

Maximum workspace

World-class safety

Most user-friendly fume hood

EḰa fume hood has many small and distinct features that simplify a lab user’s work. You will discover many friendly unique features useful for your everyday research activities.

EḰa’s thoughtful design is bound to impress you, be it a full viewing height, super smooth sash movement, whiteboard, or a small storage shelf. These small touches make demanding research work easy and more productive.

This fume hood is designed with You in mind. And, it offers complete peace of mind.

25% more space

EḰa provides 25% more workspace compared to all other contemporary fume hoods. Most fume hoods have inadequate depth and waste sizable space due to large corner posts on both sides. EḰa is designed keeping in mind your lab setup requirements. Hence the side walls are thin, the depth is more, and the sink is smaller. Hence, you can comfortably place more apparatus in EḰa fume hood and carry out reactions safely.

Truly, EḰa offers you what you deserve – more space!

Air valve with pressure gauge

All utility nozzles access in front

Most Ergonomic Fume Hood

EḰa’s ergonomic features list is very long The amazing features include well-placed valves and sockets, utility lines and sink in the front, pressure gauges for vacuum & air and a simple notepad holder.

And by the way, EḰa is silent too. We have nicknamed it ‘The Silent Hood’ as it produces incredibly low noise. You might want to check the airflow monitor to guess that it is really functioning.

VAV System

Intelligent Airflow, Reduced Consumption

The VAV or Variable Air Volume system is an advanced airflow reducing strategy to limit the loads on HVAC systems. Unlike traditional auto bypass systems, the VAV system reduces the blower speed (and thus airflow) depending on the sash position. If the sash is fully open, VAV makes the exhaust run at maximum, when the sash is fully closed the exhaust is at minimum.

Quantumflow SystemTM

The cost-effective path to reduced consumption

A LabGuard innovation, the QuantumFlow technology reduces the airflow inside the hood in a segmented fashion depending on the sash position. This is a highly cost-effective technology that greatly reduces AC bills and installation costs. Coupled with the EḰa fume hood, the QuantumFlow system is the perfect solution for Indian R&D Labs.

Global Certification

EḰa fume hood has been third-party tested according to ASHRAE 110: 2016 standard and passes the test with flying colours. It has been also tested in LabGuard’s state of the art test facility for the following stringent tests

  • Measurement of average face velocity
  • VAV Face Velocity Control Test
  • VAV Response & Stability Tests
  • Local Visualization Challenge and
  • Large Volume Visualization Challenge (Smoke tests)
  • Tracer gas containment test
  • Peripheral Scan
  • Sash Movement Containment Test
360 Degree Protection

Safety all along Commercial & Residential Services

A research lab is always prone to accidents. Be it a chemical splash or a fire in an overnight reaction, the fume hood must be equipped to handle these emergencies. That’s why EḰa is armed with numerous safety features.

It is fortified with a fireproof inner liner, failsafe devices for sash, a SmartSash system, built-in fire extinguishers and a static earthing arrangement.


User Safety at its best
  • Emergency stop button
  • Advanced Full Display Airflow Monitor
  • Strong timing belt & Double counterweight
  • Splashproof sockets
  • Cable entry port
  • Sash height sticker
  • Sash stopper at 450 mm
  • Fire retardant inner liner
  • Ventilated chemical storage cabinets
  • Built-in Fire extinguisher
  • Static earthing
Easy & Quick Maintenance
  • Sash height sticker
  • Sash stopper at 450 mm
  • Fire retardant inner liner
  • Ventilated chemical storage cabinets
  • Built-in Fire extinguisher
  • Static earthing
Maximum Durability
  • GI & not CRCA
  • High quality Powder coating- 1000 hour salt spray test passed
  • Lab grade hardware- screws, hinges, handles
  • Teflon coated airfoil
  • Chemical resistant liner
  • PP Cabinets for acid storage.

Smart Features

Reduce Energy Bills, Further!

The SmartSash TM is an intelligent system that detects human presence. It sets the sash at a safe working height when it detects an operator and closes the sash if it detects no operator present for over 3 minutes. The automated closure of the sash ensures that the minimum amount of conditioned air is wasted in the lab. It gives you the maximum benefits of the VAV airflow system.

Enhanced Safety

At its closed position, your Fume Hood provides you with maximum safety. there is absolutely no chance of leakage of any sort. SmartSash system gives you enhanced safety as well as maximum savings from your QuatumFlow or VAV flow control systems.

Laser sensor to object detection below the sash

Air valve with gauge - Broen only

Vacuum valve with gauge - Broen only

Temperature indicator controller & pH meter

What industry experts are saying about EḰa

I am impressed, I couldn’t believe anything like this could be built in India!


VP (R&D) of a leading CRO in Pune

You have indeed fulfilled our needs. We haven’t seen these features in German and American fume hoods installed in our labs.


Senior Scientist in a leading CRO in Hyderabad

I loved the notepad holder & drawer arrangement. This was my demand since so many years. It is so useful.


Senior Chemist in a leading CRO in Bangalore

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