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Fume Hood Standard Sizes and Dimensions

by | Jan 8, 2022

While selecting a fume hood the most obvious parameter that needs attention is the size and overall dimensions. Lab space availability and features, Type(s) of intended experimentation, Equipment setup needs, and finally Ease of working should help in determining the right size. Sizes usually indicate the overall width of the fume hood.

The chart below gives external fume hood dimensions. The standard working height is 900mm unless it is a low bench (450- 600 mm) or walk-in fume hood.


SizeOverall WidthOverall DepthOverall Height
4 Feet1200mm900-1000mm2200- 2400mm
5 Feet1500mm900-1000mm2200- 2400mm
6 Feet1800mm900-1000mm2200- 2400mm
8 Feet2400mm900-1000mm2200-2400mm

It must be noted that given above are external dimensions and that the internal dimensions differ among manufacturers. Users must evaluate the internal useable area in consultation with manufacturers. Ducted fume hoods are re-locatable to an extent but not portable.

Finally, standard sizes need not be a limiting factor in procuring the right fume hood for a certain application. Competent manufacturers have the expertise to design and deliver bespoke (suit to use) fume hoods. Beyond fume hoods, there are special-purpose ventilated fume enclosures for odd needs. The need for fume ventilation must be technically assessed and the correct solution must be used. One should remember that the single most important aspect is always user safety.

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