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Validation & AMC

LabGuard Lab Validation and AMC Services

Professional installation is essential for trouble-free and reliable operation. LabGuard offers you complete installation service with every fume hood. The installation is carried out by skilled & trained technicians, and includes blower installation and ductwork – including flexible pipes, elbows, weather cap, etc. Our technicians and engineers can help you identify the correct number of blowers, as well as design and install complex clusters for Auto Bypass and LCV systems.

We are committed to supporting our customers throughout the product life cycle. LabGuard was the first, and still is, one of the few Indian companies to offer Annual Maintenance Contracts after the expiry of the warranty period of equipment supplied by us. LabGuard equipment will provide years of trouble-free usage with preventive maintenance. The AMC aims to keep equipment running to original manufacturing standards and all controls within calibration standards. The annual maintenance is carried out by highly experienced professionals, trained extensively by us in the details of the equipment.

Customer Support

Complete customer support is one of the key services that we provide. Beginning from the pre-sales stage, we offer our customers with support through the complete life cycle of the product.

At the pre-sale stage, we help you identify the equipment most suited to your needs. Our sales team consists of MBAs (with engineering backgrounds) and engineering professionals. Well-versed in the needs of the lab, they provide you with a superior experience from the very first moment. Taking into account chemical usage, airflow patterns and considerations of space, etc., the team is able to suggest you the model that would be most suited to your needs.

We provide all customers with prompt and efficient after-sales service. Our service call center is staffed by qualified engineers and technicians. We are committed to reverting to you for any query or complaint within 48 hours. We have service teams strategically located at Bengaluru, Goa and Delhi, ensuring that we are close to every corner of the nation, and representatives in Australia, Oman, Bangladesh & Pakistan, giving us a wide international reach. LabGuard service team’s prompt response and efficient service has been widely acknowledged, and we have gladly offered many customers a helping hand, even when the equipment in question had not been manufactured by us.

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