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Customized Fume Hood Configurator

Welcome to LabGuard’s Custom Fume Hood configurator

At LabGuard, we understand that every laboratory is unique, with its own set of requirements. That’s why we have streamlined the process of customization, making it easier than ever for you to create the perfect fume hood for your workspace.

With our configurator, you can effortlessly select from a variety of options and customize every aspect of your fume hood – from size and material and additional features for your QC, Education & R&D Labs.

Start creating your Fume Hood Now!

Select your application

Click to select the Fume Hood

Benchtop Fume Hood

Ideal for

  • Routine lab work and sample preparation
  • Educational labs, small research facilities
  • Workspace at approx. 900 mm from floor

Walk-in Fume Hood

Ideal for

  • Labs handling larger equipment like reactors and autoclaves
  • Suitable Scale-up, Kilo labs, Pilot plants
  • Floor mounted workspace
  • Can be customized for flameproof applications (optional)

Acid Fume Hood

Ideal for

  • Strong acid applications/research
  • Designed for corrosive fumes
  • Jewellery manufacturers, mining industries and testing labs for acid digestion applications

Low Bench Fume Hood

  • Specifically designed for distillation processes
  • Ideal for sitting tasks and smaller equipment.
  • Workspace at approx. 600 mm from floor

Click to select the standard width

4 feet
5 feet
6 feet
7 feet
8 feet

Click to select a worktop


Select your valve services

1-L Valve
2-L Valve
3-L Valve
4-L Valve
1-R Valve
2-R Valve
3-R Valve
4-R Valve

Click to select a Cabinet

Ventilated Chemical Storage Base Cabinet
Flammable Solvent Storage Base Cabinet
Ventilated Acid Storage Base PP Cabinet

Select accessories to be included(select multiple)

Your fume hood configuration

For any additional customization, feel free to add comments in the form below.

Fume Hood type

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