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Eká Green- India’s first ductless fume hood

LabGuard – India and Erlab – France, the two fume hood experts, collaborated to bring India’s first ductless hood in 2014.

Popular with the most advanced laboratories, fume hoods fitted with new Ductless Fume Hood 3 filtration are as effective as a ducted fume hood. These ductless hoods are also much less polluting and more economical.

The result of the latest innovations from Erlab, the Ductless Fume Hood 3 is fitted with a new generation of filters – Neutrodine Unisorb. This new technology, developed by the Erlab R&D laboratory for over five years, has been tested hundreds of times, from the first filtration material trials right up to the performance evaluation of these new filters in real-life situations. Neutrodine Unisorb greatly increases the retention capacity for most vapors emitted by laboratory procedures.

These improvements are significant for the molecules known to be the most difficult to retain with classic activated carbon filters, namely polar VOCs with low molar mass and boiling points.

Enjoy optimal filtration capacity combined with revolutionary zero-emission technology.

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