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Inventa – Ducted Fume Hood

Inventa EX and LX are our international range of fume hoods and incorporate the latest fume hood technology. Inventa offers you components and fittings from top-quality domestic/international vendors and LabGuard’s reputed workmanship.

It also integrates next-generation flow technology (Active Kinetics™ standard), excellent ergonomics, as well as aesthetics, with a choice between VAV airflow and Quantum airflow. Combining the best of all worlds, the Inventa range is your path to creating your dream lab.

  • Suitable for: Research & development labs, CROs
  • Installation base: More than 5000 installed all over India & abroad
  • Certifications: ASHRAE 110:2016, EN 14175, SEFA-1
  • Special features: World-class design, space-efficient design, VAV and Autosash options available

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You can configure your fume hood as per your requirements.
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