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Optima – Educational Fume Hood

This is a low-cost model designed for use in academic and low-duty settings where hazards are known and understood. It gives great functionality for its price. It is extremely spacious and employs a no-frills approach to fume hood design, giving academic institutions and startups a product that is exactly suited to their needs.


Designed for educational purpose

Flexible to your needs: optional equipment storage cabinets, granite worktop

Side walls made from toughened glass for easy visibility during demonstration

Large workspace: no false walls

Safety and savings: inner workspace and aerodynamics same as Inventa (international) range

Highly cost-effective

Benefits of Optima fume hood - LabGuard



Auto Bypass

Auto bypass systems ensure that a constant airflow is maintained through the fume hood. This is done by means of a bypass valve that lets in more air as the sash is closed. The bypass system ensures that the HVAC system does not have an unnecessary load on it. This system is cheaper in terms of initial cost, but in case of AC labs, the large volume of air lost increases operating costs.

Black granite

Average chemical resistance. Suitable for general chemistry applications.

Solid ceramic slab

Premium quality, material with very good chemical resistance. Brittle in nature, not for high impact applications.

Trespa Toplab Plus/Fundermax/ HPL Indian

Very good chemical resistance, premium material.l

5/15A sockets & switch

Used for majority instruments.

20A industrial sockets & MCB

For heavy duty equipments.

16A plastic BCH & MCB

For heavy duty equipments.

J20A metal BCH & MCB

For heavy duty equipments.

    Flameproof sockets with rotary switches

    For flameproof area.

    Utility Valves

    LabGuard blowers

    Polypropylene + FRP Indian blowers, PP impeller, high efficiency.

    Imported blowers

    Moulded Polypropylene (single piece, no joints), high efficiency.


    Packed bed scrubber for pollution free air.

    HEPA filter

    For radioisotope applications.

      Activated Carbon Filter

      For filtering moderate level fumes.


      For general chemistry applications.
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