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Walk-In hoods or Floor Mounted fume hoods

This is a low-cost model designed for use in academic and low-duty settings where hazards are known and understood. It gives great functionality for its price. It is extremely spacious and employs a no-frills approach to fume hood design, giving academic institutions and startups a product that is exactly suited to their needs.

  1. Height customization: certain equipment, like glass-lined reactors, need extra high fume hoods to accommodate them. The tallest fume hood we have made has been 5 meters (15 feet) high, which is as high as two floors.
  2. Width customization: in terms of width, we have often accommodated specific customer requests. The longest hood we have made to date is 3 meters (10 feet wide).
  3. Flameproof electrical fittings: depending on the requirements, we do add flameproof sockets, switches and tube lights to these fume hoods.
  • Suitable for: Kilo lab, pilot plant
  • Installation base: More than 500 installed all over India & abroad
  • Special features: Customization for dimension, flameproof electrical fittings

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You can configure your fume hood as per your requirements.
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