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Safety Standards and Certifications for Laboratory Fume Hoods

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In the complex and hazard-prone environments of scientific research, ensuring the safety and efficiency of laboratory fume hoods is critical. These essential pieces of equipment are designed to protect users from harmful vapors, gases, and dust by maintaining stringent safety standards and certifications. Key standards such as SEFA-1, SEFA-8M, SEFA 10, ASHRAE-110, and EN-14175 play pivotal roles in testing and verifying that fume hoods perform effectively under various conditions, thus safeguarding the health of laboratory personnel.

Key Safety Standards and Certifications

SEFA-1 (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association – Fume Hoods)

This standard provides comprehensive guidelines for the construction and performance of fume hoods, including detailed airflow and containment testing.

SEFA-8M (Materials and Surfaces)

While focused on materials and surfaces, the principles of SEFA-8M influence the durability and chemical resistance of the materials used in fume hoods, affecting their overall safety and longevity.

SEFA 10 (Laboratory Fume Hoods)

This standard specifically addresses the performance of laboratory fume hoods, detailing requirements for design, safety, and operational efficiency, along with rigorous testing procedures.

ASHRAE-110 (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)

Known for its methodical approach, the ASHRAE-110 standard assesses fume hoods through tests such as face velocity uniformity, smoke patterns, and tracer gas containment to ensure user safety.

EN-14175 (European Standard)

This set of tests for fume cupboards focuses on containment and ventilation effectiveness, holding fume hoods to high safety standards necessary for approval in European markets.

LabGuard’s Compliance and Capabilities

LabGuard has consistently demonstrated a commitment to manufacturing laboratory fume hoods that meet and often exceed these critical safety standards. By integrating state-of-the-art design and materials, LabGuard ensures that each fume hood provides the highest level of safety and performance.

LabGuard’s approach includes:

Rigorous Testing

Every LabGuard fume hood undergoes extensive testing to ensure it meets all the safety standards mentioned, including SEFA-1, SEFA-8M, SEFA 10, ASHRAE-110, and EN-14175.

Innovative Features

Features such as easy sash movement, ergonomic design, and enhanced visibility are standard in LabGuard fume hoods, contributing to a safer and more productive laboratory environment.


Understanding the unique needs of different laboratories, LabGuard offers customized fume hood solutions designed to fit specific requirements while adhering to all safety standards.

Fundamentals of Planning and Designing Research Labs

Spotlight on EKá Fume Hood

Among LabGuard’s array of products, the EKá Fume Hood stands out for its adherence to these stringent safety protocols. It is designed to offer superior safety features that protect users in a variety of laboratory settings. The EKá Fume Hood is equipped with advanced containment technologies, ergonomic enhancements, and noise reduction capabilities, making it a top choice for labs that prioritize safety without compromising on functionality.


For laboratories where safety cannot be compromised, selecting a fume hood that meets recognized safety standards is crucial. LabGuard’s commitment to these standards ensures that their fume hoods, particularly the EKá Fume Hood, are among the safest and most reliable on the market. With a proven track record of excellence and compliance, LabGuard is ideally positioned to meet the needs of any lab seeking to enhance its safety protocols.

To learn more about how LabGuard can help enhance your laboratory’s operational safety and efficiency, contact them today to discuss your specific needs and receive a customized solution. Explore the benefits of the EKá Fume Hood and other LabGuard products to ensure a safer environment for all lab users.

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