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Safety Standards and Certifications for Laboratory Furniture

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In the realm of scientific research, the laboratory is a critical environment where precision, safety, and reliability are paramount. Laboratory furniture plays a significant role in ensuring that these conditions are met. This includes everything from fume hoods to lab benches and storage cabinets, each piece designed to offer durability, functionality, and safety. Understanding the various safety standards and certifications that govern laboratory furniture is essential for anyone involved in lab design or management.

Key Safety Standards for Laboratory Furniture

1. SEFA Standards:

The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) provides comprehensive guidelines for laboratory furniture. SEFA standards cover aspects such as the performance of fume hoods (SEFA 1), the durability of surfaces under chemical exposure (SEFA 3), and the load-bearing capacity of cabinets (SEFA 8). Adherence to these standards ensures that furniture not only withstands the rigors of daily lab activities but also provides the necessary safety features to protect users.

2. ASHRAE 110:

Specifically for fume hoods, the ASHRAE 110 standard is a method used globally to test the performance of these devices. It includes tests for face velocity uniformity, airflow visualization, and containment. Labs using fume hoods that meet this standard can be confident in their ability to protect lab personnel from harmful vapors and gases.

3. EN 14175:

This European standard is another benchmark for fume hood performance. It includes rigorous testing for containment and face velocity, ensuring that fume hoods operate effectively under various conditions, thereby safeguarding both the environment and the operator.

Certifications That Enhance Trust

Certifications are not just compliance documents but trust enhancers that assure stakeholders of a product’s quality and safety. For example, furniture that is certified to SEFA 8M standards is proven to withstand heavy loads, making it suitable for rigorous laboratory use. Certifications like the India Design Mark further affirm the product’s excellence in design and usability.

LabGuard’s Commitment to Safety and Quality

LabGuard, a leader in laboratory furniture manufacturing, exemplifies commitment to these safety standards and certifications. With a robust portfolio that includes the latest innovations like the EKA and Advanta series fume hoods, LabGuard not only adheres to SEFA and ASHRAE standards but also drives innovation in the lab furniture industry.

LabGuard’s integrated factory campus at Pen, Maharashtra, is equipped with India’s first-ever ASHRAE 110 and EN14175 test facility for fume hood performance testing. This facility underscores their dedication to delivering products that meet the highest safety and quality standards. Moreover, LabGuard has been recognized repeatedly with the India Design Mark, attesting to their commitment to excellence in design.

Why Choose LabGuard?

Choosing LabGuard for your laboratory furniture needs means opting for a partner who values safety, innovation, and quality. LabGuard’s products are not only built to the highest standards but are also designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring ease of use, durability, and compliance with international safety protocols.

As laboratories evolve and the demand for safer, more efficient work environments increases, LabGuard continues to be at the forefront, offering solutions that meet these challenges head-on. Whether you are setting up a new lab or upgrading an existing one, LabGuard’s comprehensive range of certified laboratory furniture promises to meet your needs.


When it comes to equipping your laboratory, choosing the right furniture is not just about aesthetic appeal but about making no compromises on safety and functionality. With LabGuard, you are choosing a leader whose products meet rigorous safety standards and certifications, ensuring your laboratory operates safely and smoothly. If you are looking to enhance your laboratory with furniture that holds up to the highest standards of safety and design, reach out to LabGuard today and discover how their solutions can transform your scientific workspace.

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