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Designing for Safety: Key Considerations When Installing New Fume Hoods

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Installing a new fume hood is a critical decision in laboratory design that impacts safety, functionality, and efficiency. This article outlines key considerations to ensure that your new fume hood installation meets all safety and operational standards, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your lab.

Key Considerations for Fume Hood Installation

  • Proper Sizing and Placement: It’s essential to choose a fume hood that is large enough to accommodate the specific equipment and procedures it will be used for. Additionally, the placement should avoid high traffic areas and air supply sources to minimize airflow disruptions.
  • Compatibility with Existing HVAC Systems: The fume hood must be compatible with the laboratory’s existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Proper integration helps to maintain effective functionality and prevents issues like negative pressure, which can pose safety hazards.
  • Material and Construction Quality: Fume hoods should be constructed from materials that are resistant to the chemicals and conditions they will encounter. Commonly used durable and chemically resistant materials include stainless steel and other non-reactive substances.
  • Ergonomic Design for User Safety: Fume hoods should be designed with user safety in mind, featuring easily accessible controls, adequate lighting, and ergonomic sash heights. These features help reduce strain on users and enhance the overall safety and usability of the equipment.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards: It’s critical to ensure that the fume hood meets all relevant safety standards, such as ASHRAE 110 for performance and SEFA for construction and materials. Compliance with these standards helps guarantee that the fume hood will provide adequate protection against exposures to hazardous substances.

LabGuard’s Expertise in Fume Hood Installation

LabGuard excels in providing expertly designed fume hoods that integrate seamlessly into your laboratory’s existing setup. Our fume hoods are tailored to meet specific lab requirements and adhere to the highest safety and quality standards:

  • Customization: LabGuard offers custom designs to meet the unique needs of your laboratory, ensuring that every fume hood, including specialized models like the Polypro fume hood for acid applications and the Eká Green ductless fume hood, is optimized for its intended use.
  • Installation Support: LabGuard provides comprehensive installation support, ensuring that every fume hood is correctly integrated into your lab’s HVAC system and workflow. Our team is skilled at ensuring seamless integration with minimal disruption to ongoing lab operations.
  • After-Sales Service: Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale, with ongoing maintenance and support services to keep your fume hoods operating efficiently. LabGuard’s dedicated after-sales support ensures that your investment continues to meet your needs through regular check-ups and timely upgrades.


Designing and installing a new fume hood involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure it enhances laboratory safety and functionality. By focusing on proper installation practices and partnering with a provider like LabGuard, you can achieve a safe and efficient laboratory environment.

If you are planning to install new fume hoods or upgrade your laboratory’s ventilation system, contact LabGuard. Our team of experts is ready to help you design a solution that meets your specific needs while ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

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